Susan EtlingerThe Data-Driven Business

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By Susan Etlinger, Analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet Company


Intended for business people who are interested in learning more about the impact of data proliferation and how it may be used to drive competitive advantage.

Executive Summary

Data is moving from being a by-product of business to its lifeblood. Across industries, from sole proprietorships to multi-billion-dollar companies, data is informing and driving businesses and, increasingly, becoming not only the enabler of products and services, but central to the product or service itself.

Organizations that wish to compete in the data economy must look at their data not only as a technology issue, but as a strategic asset to be used for competitive advantage.

This report lays out the key use cases for data-driven value creation, presents examples of organizations that are using data creatively and effectively, outlines the most pressing issues and opportunities, and presents best practices that show how data strategy can transform organizations.  

Case Studies Include: 

  • ​Zendesk: Optimizing the Business with Data
  • Ice Cube: Using Data to Build Digital Engagement
  • University of Iowa: Transforming Patient Care with Data


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