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Brand META Model

Prophet works with Alimama to redefine brand building for China's digital age.

To help both local and international companies build strong, enduring brands in China, Prophet and Alimama worked together to create the Brand META Model. META represents the Maintain-Evolve-Transform Approach to brand building, and guides companies through a few steps:

  • Maintain – The model helps companies identify and maintain their core brand principles and positioning.
  • Evolve – The model evolves the strategies of classic brand building to help companies account for crucial factors like micro-segments and the role influencers play in China.
  • Transform – The model shows companies how to transform their approach to take advantage of the rich data and real time, omnichannel interactions that are unique to China’s digital ecosystem.

A joint whitepaper describing the Brand META Model in more detail will be released later this year. Sign up to receive a copy. 

To learn more about our partnership with Alimama read our press release and contact us today.