Content Marketing Software RFP

By Rebecca Lieb, Industry Analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet Company


Intended for marketers embedded in the content marketing RFP creation process looking for best practices to aid with their vendor selection.

Executive Summary

Content must be executed correctly for it to be effective across the marketing ecosystem, as well as across the broader enterprise.

Yet content marketing in digital channels is relatively new and therefore poorly understood. It also requires that marketers look around the corner to what the future will bring. In addition, content is bigger than one department. As a result, brands cannot yet clearly articulate their content marketing needs to the hundreds of content marketing vendors competing for their business, with new vendors emerging all the time.

To help marketers make sense of and document the complex process of content marketing RFPs and vendor selection, we developed a marketing RFP template, which can be adapted and customized to meet individual requirements, such as a campaign-based RFP or a request for enterprise software.

Seven Steps of Content Marketing Software Selection:

Our 7-step guide will help you navigate through a comprehensive requirements gathering and vendor analysis process aimed at selecting the best-suited content marketing solution for your organization's current and future needs.

  • Determine Goals & Provide Background
  • Determine & Prioritize Content Marketing Use Cases
  • Gather Cross-Functional Requirements
  • Plan for Integration & Evolution
  • Create RFP Background & Vendor Response Documents
  •  Identify & Prioritize Vendors
  • Gather & Compare Responses